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Our roofing pros are qualified and certified. We will always work with you, our client, to make sure you are satisfied.

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What We Do

Your Local SLC Roofing Contractors

We offer a huge variety of roofing services, installing all types of roofs from tile to metal, all the way to the most common asphalt shingles.

  • New construction.

  • Repairs of any kind.

  • All types of roof installation, including metal, tile, and shingle roofs.

  • Installation, repair, and inspection of your gutters.

  • Our technicians are experts in all areas of roofing, from fixing simple leaks to installing new roofs. No matter the size of the job, we’ve got you covered! We will make sure the job is done right—the first time.

  • Roofing & Contracting Expert Services We Provide

    As your roofing experts, we ensure you that we will provide a quality and reliable services to meet all you expectations. We can work all types of roof problem with affordable and reasonable pricing. Salt Lake City Roofers are known in delivering quality services with a customer's satisfaction are main goal.

    Residential Roofing

    We'll stretch out on what kind of roof that is perfect to install on your home.

    Commercial Roofing

    Flat roofs we can also work on your business. Whether it is industrial or institutional roofs.

    Gutters Repairs & Inspection

    Regular and routine checkups on your gutters.

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    Why It's Important To Maintain Your Roof

    Residential and commercial roofs are important to maintaining in order to protect the heads of your families or customers. Roofs play a big important role in shielding us from different natural disasters like rain, snow, and the heat of the sun. 

    In addition, a maintained roof can increase the home value if you decided to sell your home. Besides a good roof maintain well-ventilated and sufficient insulation makes it energy efficient.

    A well-maintained roof can save you a lot of dollars through energy bills, repairs or replacement, and gives you peace of mind that you're protected in the event of natural calamities.

    Most Common Types Of Roofs

    There are many different types of roofs available in the market, and each look is best when paired as well with different types of gutter. If you want to get the most out of the exterior of your house, it is best to familiarize yourself with the materials that the roof is made.

    • Asphalt Shingles are the most popular choice for homeowners. Because they are relatively cost-effective materials when compared to other types of roofing materials. It comes in a wide variety of styles and colors.

    • Metal Roofing is a roofing material that is becoming more and more common. It is low maintenance and only needs to repaint if it started to become tedious. While the maintenance of metal roofing is cost less than replacing it, be sure to have a professional to handle it. Because any project that requires you to be on the top of your home can be risky and dangerous.

    • Wood/Cedar Shake Shingles are probably durable roofing materials that can resist harsh climates, making them perfect for most of the areas. This material is an environmentally-friendly and can be built from recycled materials. Wood or cedar shingles can barely affect the water that runs off in your home, making it safe when returns to the environment. The roofing materials can last up to 30 years before needing to replace, sometimes they can go longer than their lifespan when maintained properly.

    Roof Inspection Services

    Regular inspections of your roof will reveal any issues before it causes major damage. All roofs are subject to the wear and tear of intense sunlight, heavy rain or snow, and wind or hail damage. Our expert roofers can inspect and maintain your home or commercial property, ensuring the longevity and performance of your roof.

    How Our Roofing Contractors Can Help

    We understand what an inconvenience it is to have a leaking roof! Our first priority is to repair the leak before it creates costly damage to the inside of your home.

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    With more than 10 years of experience no roofing problem we cannot fix.


    A roofing contractor you can trust. We are professionally licensed and 100% insured.


    Offering competitive and reasonable rate. Our company accepts all types of payment method.

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    "Great job fixing my commercial roof. Been finding a reliable roofing company with solid work. Glad I found you!"

    Will Berry


    ''Now I can finally have peace of mind knowing my roof is done by your team. No more leaks!''

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    New York

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    FAQs About Roofing Contractor

    Here are the answers to most common questions

    When Do I Need To Repair My Roof?

    Replacing your old roof is really a huge cost. Failing to repair a leaks can lead to an expensive expenses. Cracking or broking of shingles, wet spots on your ceiling, and increasing energy bill are the early sign that their is something wrong on your roof.

    What New Roofing Options Do I Have?

    If you want a roofing materials that is perfect for your house you have to consider the style of your house, roof slope, materials weight, the cost or your budget, and energy-efficient.

    How Long Will My New Roof Last?

    Typical asphalt shingles can last up to 15 to 25 years. While roofs made from slate or copper can last at least more than 50 years. Generally, the roof lifespan will depend on the materials used and how it maintained.

    Is Roof Repair Or Roof replacement Expensive? 

    Probably the most frequent question! But the cost of your roof replacement or repairs will vary in many different factors. Repairing a couple of cracked shingles averages $50, but for a full tile roof replacement can cost more up to $10,000 which will depend on the materials and size of your roof.

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