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Protective Roof Coatings

Find out how applying roof coating can help you maintain your roofs. Deciding on what coating you should apply on your roof.

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Learn How To Protect Your Roof

Being a homeowner means so much more than that. Just like any other homeowner facing, maintaining your home is associated with maintenance issues. The lifespan of your home will depend on the set of decisions you make

As we all know that the sun is the most powerful source of energy. The UV rays and extreme heat it emits are also strong that causes damage to the top coat of your roof. Professional roofers apply roof coats to protect the roofs, this coat helps prevent extreme heat from damaging the topcoat.

Without coating, your roof may experience discoloring and will easily damage. Roof coating helps prevent leaks and slow down mold growth. It also avoids the build-up of moisture that destroys the roof’s membranes.

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    Benefits Of Protective Roof Coating

    A roof coating will vary on the types of your roofs. Normally, different types of roofs require different types of coating. Roof coating is typically thicker than normal paint. To strengthen the roof’s surface, the coating consists of elastomeric properties.

    Roofs are damaged by many different factors such as extreme heat and severe weather. But coating is way different from the primary materials of your roof. There are two features to consider when observing a roof: the first is the geometric structures like shapes and size and the second is the material used.

    Roof coating is an additional factor to maintain your roof, there are a lot of benefits of a roof coating can offer to your home.

  • Prolonged lifespan: Roof coating adds an extra layer of protection against extreme weather, especially hail. Hailstorms can bring extreme damage to every roof, with a roof coating will help increase the lifespan of your roof.

  • Cost savings: A full replacement can cost a huge amount of dollars. While roof coating typically costs 30 % to 40% of the price. Plus, a coating is a renewable protection that you can renew over time.

  • Energy-efficient: Roof coating decrease the amount of energy to cool your home. Because coating helps fight the UV rays that will hit up your roof, instead of absorbing the heat.

  • Roof Coating Is A Good Investment

  • Perhaps the most essential benefit of using protective roof coating is minimized cooling costs and prolonged lifespan of the roof. From the different elements brought by our nature.

    Roof coating is very easy to install, it doesn't make a lot of noise to apply, and some modern coating materials don't have a strong smell making it safer after applying.

    In addition, since the coating is a renewable material, you can save a lot of dollars for roof repairs and replacement. What a huge save!

    As you consider this coating, we love to help you out by giving you choices and ideas about what types of coating are perfect for your house. You can reach out to us by calling our contact number at 844-902-1823.

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    FAQs About Roofing Contractor

    Here are the answers to most common questions

    When Do I Need To Repair My Roof?

    Replacing your old roof is really a huge cost. Failing to repair a leaks can lead to an expensive expenses. Cracking or broking of shingles, wet spots on your ceiling, and increasing energy bill are the early sign that their is something wrong on your roof.

    What New Roofing Options Do I Have?

    If you want a roofing materials that is perfect for your house you have to consider the style of your house, roof slope, materials weight, the cost or your budget, and energy-efficient.

    How Long Will My New Roof Last?

    Typical asphalt shingles can last up to 15 to 25 years. While roofs made from slate or copper can last at least more than 50 years. Generally, the roof lifespan will depend on the materials used and how it maintained.

    Is Roof Repair Or Roof replacement Expensive? 

    Probably the most frequent question! But the cost of your roof replacement or repairs will vary in many different factors. Repairing a couple of cracked shingles averages $50, but for a full tile roof replacement can cost more up to $10,000 which will depend on the materials and size of your roof.

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